Here Somewhere

  1. Folks (6:12)
  2. Here Somewhere (4:02) 
  3. Still Works (7:41) 
  4. Motorik Solstice Spasm (4:45) 
  5. Strange Bedfellows (9:30) 
  6. The Attic (4:26) 
  7. Travailoscope (11:42) 
  8. His Hairiness Trip (4:15)

©RDunlap 2013

All tracks edited, arranged, mixed and produced by RDunlap.


RDunlap (synthesizer, mini-accordion,  composer)

Frank Dunlap (violin, guitar, bass, saxophone-percussion, bowed guitar, conch, vocals, bowed electric bass, sax, violin, percussion, keyboard, various treatments and premixing)

Loopy C (virtual improvisations, synthesized soundscapes, rhythmic transient electronic hyperrealisms, imaginary six-string curled dimensions, DSP performance, gestured noise, expanded palettes and miscellaneous conceptual software automatons) 

Johann Meier (prepared piano sample & software synth) 

An amazing piece of avant-garde music from the improvisational collaboration that is "dadala". Although they have been making this alchemical, marvelously textured music for quite some time, this is their debut with Laudanum. "Here Somewhere" is an eclectic blend of the acoustic and the digital that can be described as some dark (and at times absurd) magic from a surreal laboratory within an existential castle shrouded by indifference. Truly a unique listen, dadala is a brilliant example and innovator of the idea of improvisation, from the recording process to the mixing and production process. The concept is inherent in the musical world that a diverse array of improvisation can create. It is something beyond human. Maybe this music can be seen as existential ritual. Sit back and be overcome by the multilayered alchemy of sound and enjoy dadala's "Here Somewhere".