Laudanum Gate

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Laudanum Gate.jpg

Laudanum Gate

  1. Laudanum Gate (25:20)
  2. Laudanum Scroll (Bonus PDF File)

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Laudanum Gate is an avant-garde musical composition that aims to touch at the dark absurdity behind alchemical and hermetic character and practice. It is an isolating experience and it hearkens upon sickness, hollow meditation, the dark voice of manipulation, the animal, and the ominous quality of matter and nature in existence. This is William M. Heller's first artwork released as music. Along with this strictly digital release will be a pdf file containing a unique experimental writing in the form of a short novel entitled, Laudanum Scroll. These works mark the first releases through Laudanum Productions.



William M. Heller (composer, musician, vocals)

Matthew Gallerani (musician, vocals) 

Luca Veca (musician) 


© 2013 William M. Heller

All Rights Reserved